Tracy's Dog- 8oz Water-Soluble Lubricating Oil

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  • Use our 240ML Water-Soluble Lubricating Oil and enhance your sexual experience. Our Lubricant adds moisture, which reduces uncomfortable friction during sex. Having sex without lubricant can damage the delicate epithelial lining of the vagina and anus, increasing the risk of infection. Have safe sex today!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rosalie Thornton

I suffer from vag dryness and I was looking for something that is not too sticky and lasts ..I really love it. You better try it if u looking for something that last! 👌. Reccomend 100%

Harvey Cox

Great silky feel! My wife saw this at her gynecologist office. She loved the look of the product and liked that her doctor sold it in her office.

Don Hughes
love it

My boyfriend and I usually Use KY jelly non scented because I’m so sensitive. However, we tried this lube for the first time and loved it! It’s water based so no stickiness or stains afterwards, also i had no feminine issues after, which can happen often. Would definitely recommend this brand for a fun spicy night!

Tracy Underwood
Easy to use

I saw this on my friends nightstand and thought the bottle was cool. Picked it up and was surprised by what it was. I ordered a bottle and it was bigger than I expected. I am switching to this brand going forward. It feels great and made intimacy more pleasurable. Highly recommend.