Black Tortoise

Black Tortoise

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Size: L:8.46''/21.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Marlon Mullins
Fun for the both of us

Very beautiful! Haven’t tested it out but it looks like great quality.

Geraldine Ryan

I love this product. It feels amazing with the realistic feel for veins. Great for beginners with toys. I highly recommend this product.

Teri Clark
Came so fast

Good to start off with and progressing on to the much bigger things in life 😏

Annette Fields

It's incredible- MUCH better than the suction on a lot of other toy's brands. I found it suctioning to things that you wouldn't normally think it would, like the textured walls in my room. The veins are raised, but not too crazy like a lot of brand's. Same with the head. It provides plenty of stimulation without being so flared it's painful. Overall, it's a wonderful product. Honestly it's one of the best toys I own at the moment! Would reccommend to men, women, or anything inbetween!

Raquel Lindsey
Great buy

This is my first dildo. I'm very pleased with it. It feels very similar to the real deal and it is now my favorite toy to use in conjunction with my body wand. Best money I've ever spent!