Valentine Cupped Lace Up - 2 Piece

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Looking to add some luxury to your Lingerie drawer? Introducing the Cupped Lace Up - 2 Piece. From delicate lace bottoms to the matching bra, get ready to give your behind closed doors some action!


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Customer Reviews

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Andre Malone

So so so so so flattering. I’m not one to be super secure with my body, but this makes me feel so confident. I am at 34D up top and got a medium.

Nora Maldonado
Came so fast

Beautiful bright color! Well made. Bra size and fit was great! Underwear are to be worn in a French style- very high up on the hip.

Stewart Logan
Great buy

It was adorable. I could’ve sworn it said that it was a push-up and that was a lie. I have really small boobs so there was no extra pop, but it fits very well and the underwear were high waist and covered my lower stomach.

Yolanda Pratt
Fun for the both of us

I freakin love thisssss!! Been having body image issues and I actually felt sexy in this :') Was a 12-14 36D before getting pregnant and am now 23weeks. Never would have gotten something like this but husband wants me to do a pregnant boudior shoot and he was damn near drooling