Chastity Lock With 4 size rings

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  • Want to lock your penis in a cage and is it one of your kinks? Look no more with our Chastity lock with 4 size rings. The safe and secure vault for storing your or your partners vault!
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Customer Reviews

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Pete Poole
Easy to use

Amazingly high quality for the price. However unless you have a long cock this device will be too big for you. Too bad they don't make a shorter version. but if you have a long cock this is the best value on the market.

Christy Holmes
love it

This cage came with all pieces advertised. Very smooth metal, with a good weight to it, which I enjoy.

Clarence Massey

This is the first ever chastity I have used and I find it to be comfortable and well made. I am 6 in and the cage did require a bit of getting used to but it was not a problem after about 3 uses. From my experience I'd say only use it for about 2 hours as I experienced a bit of swelling (though that's expected, really). It is not noisy, it is barely noticeable even in gym shorts unless you really look and it has a better quality than I expected. As a final note, shipping was discreet as my phone did not read the title of this product in my mail notifications(as well as emails) and the box itself doesn't look at all like it would contain this thing.

Keith Ford

I’ve used 2 other cages before, and while this one is the most comfortable and discreet to wear under clothes in public.

Gilbert Rose

This is my first chastity cage. I absolutely love it. It fits very well. I love the weight of it. The first time I wore it, I wore it for eight days. I had no issues at all. I want to go a month this time if my wife will let me. I am wearing it right now at work in my jeans. No one has any idea.