Double Motor Vagina Massager

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  • Features: Double Motor Vagina Massager is a super-powerful toy that provides dual stimulation to both the clit and G-spot at the same time - the adjustable neck allows you to customize the perfect fit and ensure blended intense orgasms.2 motors make Double Motor Vagina Massager one of the most powerful toys in the collection, and its shape ensures that the toy will stay "in", which makes it perfect for hands-free use. 

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Customer Reviews

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Andy Mills
she loved it

This is simply the best toy out there. It doesn't do anything amazing that the others don't already do, but it STAYS IN. It's probably person-specific, but I can put this in my sub and not worry about it falling out. Regardless of position, this thing stays in and delivers pleasure charge when I say so. The modes are cool to test which vibration pattern works best in what situation. Again, unlike the other magical vibrating toys on the market, it doesn't have to be monitored or managed to ensure it doesn't fall out.

Claudia Wallace
Really nice

I absolutely love this product! It’s cute, bright enough for you to find it in a dark dresser drawer, fun for me and my boyfriend, and the magnetic charging aspect is awesome. I love not having to plug it in or worrying about batteries. I’ve been enjoying this purchase since this whole stay at home thing started and it helps when in a distant relationship. It’s also fun to have my man use the remote when we’re together and spontaneously have him turn it on. Do yourself a favor, get it.