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Description - The Electronic penis pump generates vacuum suction that helps promote the blood circulation to the  corpus cavernosum. The rush of blood helps promote penis erection and longer sex time. 

✅4 Modes - The Electric penis Pump comes with 4 Intense modes. Press the arrows based on the intensity you can handle. You can work your way up to the most intense suction for your desired satisfaction, or start at a lower suction power. Les us know you preference in the comments below!

✅Longer Sex Time - The Electronic Penis Pump Increases stamina and extends intimacy with your partner. Use right before sex for a larger, harder, and more fulfilling sex life. 

✅Hight Quality Material - The Electric Penis Pump is made of premium quality medical silicone with ABS, Which is skin-friendly. The Vacuum helps with erection and should be used prior to sex for optimal performance. 

✅Easy to Use - Pressure up/pressure down/release valve, Easy operation with 3 buttons, Advanced automatic penis pump designed to effectively generate suction and release pressure.

✅NOTE: Since the working principle of this enlargement pump is related to air pressure, it is recommended not to buy this product if the altitude in your area is higher than 1000 meters. Otherwise, some working settings may not work.





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Katrina Vargas
    Came so fast

    My first ever and I can see and feel the difference! I can stay hard for my girl and she loves it too! I also get more horny as well.

    Annette Fields
    love it

    Ordered this for a muscle cupping set with broken pump. Was cheaper to get a peen pump set and just use the pump. The pump itself is top notch. Cant speak to the tube part but seems high quality.

    Allison Ramirez
    Great buy

    Bought this kinda of as a joke but we ended up actually really liking it, I didn’t think these actually worked but it actually does, I don’t know if the results are permanent but it does make you bigger after you use it

    Bernice Oliver
    Fun for the both of us

    Great suction. Worked better than expected. Was easy to use. Mainly bought out of curiosity but it was a fun time.

    Josefina Walton

    Great product! Nice that it comes with 3 different sizes of holes plus the vagina attachment. Provides amazing suction and easy release if its too much suction. Very effective on my man, and enjoyed playing with it on my parts too!