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  • Want to express your dominance (or submissiveness) in bed? Try out our Erotic Toys for Adults. Those who are especially into exploring dominance and submission will totally fall in love with this!
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    Customer Reviews

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    Conrad Jacobs
    BF Loved it

    This was a good purchase to introduce my girlfriend into bdsm. I would say most of the items are good, just wish the leash was a bit ticker because it feels if you "yank" it too hard it could brake but so far is been great but for beginners and people just wanting to experience new things are amazing 👏

    Juana Steele
    Easy to clean

    The set has a variety of pieces that are great for beginners. And it's big plus for its price.
    The distance between two holes on the wrist and ankle restraints are big enough, and there is fluffy lining on the inside, so they are not harsh. My partner likes the nipple clamps very much. The rope is very soft and very long. The paddle and the whip make just about the right sound for gentle forces. We're glad that we got this kit.