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  • Features: This Extra Large Anal Toy can easily be warmed or cooled for extra pleasure. Enjoy constant stimulation, because of its weight and unique shape. This butt plug features a round balls shape that is perfect for amping up your sex life.
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Customer Reviews

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Josefina Walton
Really nice

If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. I hadn't rated the for beginners or remote control as they arent really applicable.
I was literally blown away the first time I used this massager. I didn't want to turn it off. The come hither function and dual motors worked amazing. There are many different combinations and everyone is sure to find the one to drive them crazy! Be patient with it and dont get to encouraged to immediately go and finish off. The wave sensation is totally worth it but you gotta spend a good amount of time.letting the toy do its job. However, when you do decide to get off, your neighbors will hear the waves of ecstacy.

Geraldine Ryan
she loved it

This company and this item is amazing. I was going to include pics but no need it comes looking just like the pictures in the offering. The item comes in an expensive looking package all black box looking great. The remote works good with a range of about 15 feet it also lights up which works well in the dark. The remote and the toy both have rechargeable batteries which toys 4 times the cost often times don't. This company and the products they sell proves that the cost does not always reflect the quality of the item. We enjoyed toys and have bought many over the 27 years of our marriage and will buy more, but we will never spend hundreds of dollars on the expensive toys of the past because we have hit the JACKPOT with Cupids Secrets. They make a great product and support them with pride and honor.

Katrina Vargas

Felt great

Marlon Mullins
its good

Incredible movement and vibration function. A truly innovative toy! First-time use was comfortable and produced the desired results if you know what I mean! This product has been compared to much more expensive models, I understand why. The movement is like nothing I've seen in a toy before, very innovative. At this price point, not sure if you can do any better. Motors are strong and the battery lasts a loooong time. The charging port has a nice seal cover, the entire outside is easy to clean with no weird corners or crevices.

Annette Fields
love it

Okay, I have to admit that I’m really shy when it comes to anal play, actually, more intimidated than anything. I’ve indulged for my partner, but honestly it’s more to please him than I. Well, this stimulator has really changed my outlook. I really enjoyed using it! The size is comfortable, and OMG, I think I experienced the strongest orgasm ever with a toy to date! I like being able to use a remote with it. I also I let my partner control it with the remote for me and the mystery of what level of intensity and variety really was a turn on. If you’re into anal play, highly recommend this you won’t regret it. Phanxy products always exceed my expectations. I am always impressed every aspect. I especially like the fact this it is rechargeable and also the powerful motor.