Heating Anal Beads Butt Plug

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  • Material: Use an ABS food-grade plastic material that is safe, soft, and very much comfortable to use.
  • Low Noise: With 60dB, you can enjoy the moment without being destructed, and will be only concentrating on the pleasure you're experiencing from Heating Anal Beads Butt Plug,
  • Waterproof: Very safe with water, easy to clean so you can enjoy it for a long time.
  • Prostate Massager: With 10 frequency vibrator mode that you can control and enjoy when you are using the product. Pulse shock, pull-out beads, and arbitrary bending capability will help you fully enjoy this product.
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Customer Reviews

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Megan Barber
Lots of surprises

This toy is really firm and the beads are subtle but feel really nice. It's hard enough for anal play and also flexible at the same time. I'd say the perfect mix of both, which really makes this plug feel amazing. It definitely does not have a cheap plastic feel to it. It feels great in you hand.
This plug has numerous vibration patterns, which feel amazing, especially when someone else is controlling it "who knows what the next surprise is"! My first thought was there was no way it could be that powerful, but I was very wrong. When trying the product out on my other half, it slipped in beautifully naturally with lube. As we got started I use the first setting and gradually worked through the all levels.
it didn't disappoint my other half he loved every setting, to the point his hand's had to wander and make himself cum as it turned him on that much. The plug is easy to clean due to the high quality silicone it's made of. Doubled up with some of toy cleaner, it would be perfect for keeping it like new.
This is an awesome toy and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to try some anal play, either solo or with their partner.

Marlon Mullins
good for beginners

Starts really small then goes slightly larger. Definitely for beginners. I was thinking the balls were going to bigger but length is good. And OMG all those speeds! Loved it!

Alvin Olson
feels great

This feels great! I have tried many different anal toys. This is by far the best. It has a large range of size as you insert it. The vibrations are strong enough to feel well.

Richard Holland
good for beginners and experts

I would say I'm a beginner to intermediate anal player. I received this vibrating beads, and was really excited when I noticed this interesting and not intimidating looking toy poking out from amongst the box of delightful treasures. Once the package was opened, this smooth and sensuous, black plaything popped out. It had beautiful beads along the shaft, but was quite rigid unlike the normal kinds of anal beads, making this a a truly magic kind of wand for me. Once generously lubed up, my husband gently slid this perfectly sized pleasure seeker up my rear, exploring my inner depths with ease and absolute comfort, releasing my inner goddess and preparing me ready for more "fuller" pleasures. It feels amazing swirled, and slid back and fourth. Perfect for beginners or for just perfect pleasure without the training.

Raquel Lindsey
great vibes

The vibration was especially pleasant. This was my first time using anything like this and I'm hooked.