Male Masturbation Cup

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  • Features: Live the fantasy with the amazingly Male Masturbation Cup. This phthalate-free, awesome product warms to the touch as you thrust home. Not only that, use it's buttons to hear crazy moaning sounds as you reach the peak!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bernice Oliver
Does the job

amazing for the price

Don Hughes
Lives up to the expectation

Very pleased. Offers several different stroke actions. Some are a continuous tug/twist action, others have intermittent cadences that feel more like a "pulse" on your junk. You can cycle through all of them, and hit a turbo button if you want firmer and more suction. I used a condom just for neatness and there was a lot of stimulation. There'd be even more barebacked. You might have trouble lasting because things feel so good from the getgo.

Frank Bowen
Easy to clean

I love it

Rosalie Thornton
love it

OMG - I bought this just to check it out and I was blown away. I have another one from the same company and it is way less powerful than this one - this one legit made my toes curl within a minute. It is various speeds and motions but the turbo button at the top makes this thing into a pleasure powerhouse.

Patrick Carpenter
BF Loved it

It does what it intended to. My prostate has never felt better