Male Masturbator Realistic Mouth Cup

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  • Features: No need to wait for the weekend to fullfil your desires with our Male Masturbator Realistic Mouth Cup. Take it with you anywhere in your backpack and experience vivid orgasms anywhere and everywhere!

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Customer Reviews

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Tommy Miller

Very pleased. Offers several different stroke actions. Some are a continuous tug/twist action, others have intermittent cadences that feel more like a "pulse" on your junk. You can cycle through all of them, and hit a turbo button if you want firmer and more suction. I used a condom just for neatness and there was a lot of stimulation. There'd be even more barebacked. You might have trouble lasting because things feel so good from the getgo.

Johnnie Lynch
5 stars

This toy is awesome and SO powerful ! Just check out my video included you can clearly see it doing alot of the work. Doing You ! I love the red and black set up got it to go along with gamer bfs PC set up ! Matches perfect. Kinda looks like a thermos when turned around & capped. I love the name of it, the dark knight. It comes with lube and a back up silicone , charger and instruction mannual . I know my boyfriend will love and enjoy this toy. Will have a second more descriptive part to add to this review after he tries it !

Sabrina Mann

This device is unbelievable. It works really well and feels amazing! I think anyone who uses it will not be disappointed. One way of getting the best use of your lube is to use a small amount of water on your member after the initial sliperyness has worn off.

Sandy Shelton
Good for the price

OMG - I bought this just to check it out and I was blown away. I have another one from the same company and it is way less powerful than this one - this one legit made my toes curl within a minute. It is various speeds and motions but the turbo button at the top makes this thing into a pleasure powerhouse.