Metal Tassels Jewelry Design Nipple Clamps

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  • Nipple clamps can be enjoyed by all people with nipples. Maybe your nipples are sore, but the soreness serves as a sexy feeling that will leave you feeling helpless and super in touch with your inner pleasures.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tracey Diaz

With covid, finding a partner is not as east anymore. I decided to get this stimulator as an alternative. Boy am I glad I did. The vibrations this gives off are second to none. Highly rec this product!

Delia Higgins
Does the job

We were very pleased with the product. After using it as intended, my clever partner-in-pleasure suggested some off-label use that turned out great for both of us. I recommend this toy its amazing!

Monique Harris
Shipping was discreet

We like nipple play. On nipples these are fun. The sensation is certainly vibration as opposed to shocking. It's especially fun on the lower regions. Highly recommend.

Milton Byrd
BF Loved it

I would definitely recommend them and think they add some nice spice to bedroom play.

Terri Brock
Great buy

This was great on the nipples, but also felt great as it was buzzing and sucking on my clit!