Passionate Red or Blue Love Pillow

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  • Want to change posture: The Passionate Red or Blue Love Pillow is very suitable for different positions Wedge-shaped pillows provide a pleasant lying comfort, allowing you to completely relax and free yourself. Having more fun during sex will bring you a better sex experience.
  • Uses: The elevated position of the hip promotes stimulation of the genitals. This makes it easier for men to reach the G point of women. Pillow can be used as a female orgasm amplifier. Comes with a toy holder so you can play by yourself or with a partner. 
  • Material: The Passionate Red or Blue Love Pillow has strong elasticity and velvety soft skin, it will not stick or slip off. If there is a problem during sex, you can easily clean the Love Pillow with warm water.
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Customer Reviews

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Clarence Massey
Great quality

Nice product good for multiple different uses, one of my favs is using as a seat pillow for my car makes driving so much more comfortable plus I like to sit up so it was a amazing pillow. Its also great for sex too... LOL

Latoya Meyer

My girlfriend and I have been unable to have sex for the longest time. This pillow changed all of that. I put it under her back and was able to put my member a lot deeper in thanks to the positioning the pillow creates.

Patricia Hampton
Shipping was discreet

I have hip problems. The pillow helps so much with it. It you’re a plus size it really helps get that right position where you partner isn't completely squishing you as he does his duties ;)

Dallas Valdez
Does the job

This product is amazing. It's a blow up pillow. Don't mind the mark on the side of mine in the pictures. My child wanted to draw on it in chalk -_- but it's super soft and comfortable, I will also use it to go to sleep and put it between my legs to keep my thighs from touching. No hesitation, get this product.

Gilbert Rose

this pillow provides just the right lift and positioning i need for both playing with partners and filming solo content! i love that it has a sturdy plastic, one-way inflation nozzle rather than one of those cheap rubber plugs you typically see on inflatable toys.