Silky Smooth Strawberry Flavor Vagina Lubricant 50ml

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  • Treat ya self to our Silky Smooth Strawberry Flavor Vagina Lubricant - 50ml. Self care just got a lil more exciting with this gentle formula that's infused with botanical extracts for the ultimate experience.
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Customer Reviews

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Dwayne Townsend
Fun for the both of us

My boyfriend and I usually Use KY jelly non scented because I’m so sensitive. However, we tried this lube for the first time and loved it! It’s water based so no stickiness or stains afterwards, also i had no feminine issues after, which can happen often. Would definitely recommend this brand for a fun spicy night!

Daisy Lane

I saw this on my friends nightstand and thought the bottle was cool. Picked it up and was surprised by what it was. I ordered a bottle and it was bigger than I expected. I am switching to this brand going forward. It feels great and made intimacy more pleasurable. Highly recommend.

Deanna Day
5 stars

Always looking for the best, tried this out. Felt great, kept everything smooth, long lasting and great discrete packaging that easily fits in bedside table. Cleanup was easy. Definitely will purchase again!

Priscilla Lloyd
This was great foe what I needed

I enjoyed using this product. I brought the water-based lube, which is great for toys as well. It didn’t leave the slippery feeling like some other lubes but a more natural feeling during that “special” time. I would buy again.

Preston Farmer
Good for the price

My wife and I tried this on a recommendation and I was surprised how much we enjoyed it. She has really sensitive skin and often other lubricants become an irritant (and spoil the fun!), but we had no problems with it. The feeling was smooth and consistent, which isn't always the case with KY or even more expensive brands. Also the water-based lubricant means less sticky mess afterwards and the sturdy spout allows for quick and easy use. This is our new go to!