Vagina Moaning Masturbator Cup

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    • Strong Suction Cup: This Vagina Moaning Masturbator Cup is designed with a firm suction base that can grab to any smooth hard surface such as a bathroom, bedroom, and etc. 165-degree adjustable sleeve and 361-degree rotation make you possible to enjoy it anywhere without using your hands.
    • Easy to Clean: Removable Masturbators are easy to clean with warm water or favorite sex toy cleaner. Wipe it to save it for the next use. Put in a drying and ventilated place. Caution: All of the accessories can be cleaned but don't put the cup body in rushing water.
    • Material: TPR + ABS food-grade material with 7 kinds of squeezing mode. The product size is 240x85 mm and weighs about 770g.
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Customer Reviews

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Andre Malone
got some O's out of me

I can see why they called it a maoning machine. This cup is worth a buy. The different frequencies and modes gives you many options to choose from and will leave you with a positive experience. The motor is not weak at all. The battery has a long life for fun. It’s so soft and real feeling I was shocked. After using it the first time the sensation was great and made me cum quickly. Lube is definitely needed! It’s very easy to use and easy to clean. I am glad there's a suction cup base, it allows for a lot of imaginative angles if you have something to stick it to. Very discreet packaging too. I have used a few adult toys and this one without a doubt was one of the best toys I have ever received.

Roderick Garcia
Great bang for your buck

I have bought no less than 100 power masturbators. I own the big expensive ones too. this thing is awesome,the variable combinations of spin and stroke work you to a great orgasm. it has nice heavy silicone knobs inside the sleeve, that just beat you till you cant keep your eyes open. unit takes you from soft to hard in a short time, I like to use it with e stim and it makes it even more intense. this is not a cheap novelty item, this seems to be built very strong and high quality, should last for years. and cleans easily by undoing outer collar, pop ring off and pull sleeve out. about 20 seconds. rinse in sink. I highly recommend, if your money is tight, this is the one to buy.

Danny Barker
Very enjoyable

I found this very enjoyable to use and I'm sure it will give anyone who buys it a lot pleasure. 5 stars!