Wireless Dual Head Nipple Stimulator

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  • Make your nipples perk with pleasure with this Wireless Dual Head Nipple Stimulator. With your hands-free for other pleasures, nipple play has never felt so good! Let the tingly vibrations tease and seduce you! Try them in the shower or spa and turn bath time into passion time!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Allison Ramirez

Holy moly! I don’t know what I was expecting but these are leaps and bounds above that! Having been disappointed too many times I expected cheap plastic and a lackluster performance considering the super reasonable price. Super smooth design without rough “pinchy” parts plus an incredibly strong motor equal sending me into outer space with sensations. Super strong vibrations to keep you stimulated, with varying speeds and functions to keep it exciting!

Holly Murphy
Great buy

They feel amazing on my nipples and are a good form of foreplay. I would recommend this if you’re into this type of thing. Everything comes exactly as described.

Patrick Carpenter

We like nipple play. On nipples these are fun. The sensation is certainly vibration as opposed to shocking. It's especially fun on the lower regions. Highly recommend.

Frank Bowen
Fun for the both of us

We were very pleased with the product. After using it as intended, my clever partner-in-pleasure suggested some off-label use that turned out great for both of us. I recommend this toy its amazing!

Bernice Oliver
Came so fast

I was surprised by how quiet they despite the power. There is no way you can be disappointed with these!