Egg Shaped Pocket Pussy

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  • Ultimate Pleasure: Our Easy Beat Egg features opposing angles that create different sensations when stroking up and down. The Egg shaped pocket pussy feels just as good as they look! Slip on supple pocket pussy and drive away! Cleverly sized to be lifelike and compact, this solo-satisfier is made from super-soft material and features incredibly intricate details!
  • Super-Stretch Sensation: Discrete and portable, our one-size-fits-all male masturbators are constructed of super-stretchable elastomer that expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of size
  • Unique Interiors: External designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – with a variety of different designs containing different sensations, you're sure to find a perfect match
  • Disposable Easy-To-Use Design: Crack open the shell-like casing, pour in the attached lotion, and you're ready to go; Simply place our male stroker back in the shell and dispose of
  • Made in Japan: Designed, engineered, and proudly created in Japan
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Customer Reviews

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Darrell Guzman

My wife of many years and I were looking for ways to keep enjoying our great physical relationship despite her increasing dyspareunia (painful intercourse)--not uncommon in post-middle age. Lube and a hand job was less-than-satisfying, and often left me feeling beat up--and not in a good way. I suggested a sex toy, not knowing what would work, so I read some reviews and chose something that could leave the focus on us, not the toy. We invited the Egg into our bedroom, and Yowza! Exceeded our expectations! The Egg is now the reliable third of our threesome, and the whole process has become more erotic for both sentient members of our "omelette pour trois." Did I mention that the sensation is great? And I'm never worse for wear.

Ivan Carroll
love it

Got this for an Easter basket I made my husband know. Egss, Easter? Im a funny wife, what can I say. Anyways, I worked the following Saturday and was in a bad mood and rushing to get to work in the a.m. This gave him a perfect opportunity to try it out. After I got home he was waiting for me to eagerly tell me that "that weird little egg" was THE BEST. Its super squishy and I guess that's really good? Idk, I don't have a penis, but he really, really enjoyed it. He did say it made a rather loud "flarping" sound due to air getting trapped in the tip of the egg. Overall though, I'd say it's a really good cheap investment.

Anna Doyle
shipped fast

I bought this almost as a gag gift for my boyfriend, but we played with it one night and turns out... It's a hit.

I really wasn't expecting it to be reusable, since it's only a couple of dollars. But with a drop of handsoap it washes out easily and is 100% reusable. We've probably used it a good 10 times in the last 2 months. (Good for nights where I'm just too tired, or otherwise indisposed..) There is some slight distortion at the end from where we got a little too rough with it, I suppose, but it doesn't affect performance.

This thing makes the wackiest noise too, and I'm particularly fond of flapping it wildly in my hand after washing it, and terrorizing him with it. :)

I've purchased several more, though saving them for Christmas. It'll be interesting to see if the different inner textures will make a difference.

Chelsea Edwards
Really nice

I mean, it gets the job done. They market it as a single-use product, but it’s definitely quite reusable/durable. I could see it breaking ~eventually~, but not for a little bit. Just flip it inside out to clean both sides and make sure to air dry it well on both sides. The price-to-quality ratio is probably the best part about the product, and it lets you collect multiple patterns relatively cheaply.

Tracey Diaz
she loved it

These feel awesome!!! There is no need to toss this after one use - these are pretty durable and good for many uses - just rinse off dry and place back - it does hold it shape pretty well after being abused. This does feel awesome the different eggs give different feels. These travel easy...great to see in use and use... If you like they are pretty good at catching for easy clean up.