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Get ready for a whole lot of fun and intimacy with Cupid's Secrets customizable adult subscription boxes!
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Take our Questionnaire and let us know the genre of toys and scenes you're interested in.
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Choose the subscription box that was recommended by the questionnaire and confirm your subscription plan. 
Enjoy your new toys!
Receive a box of new and different personalized adult toys as well as different scenes you and your partner can play out in the bedroom  
You Will Receive: 
  • 6 quality toys, unique scene involving those toys, retail value chart of items, and more!
  • Unlimited 20% off code for our website for any toys you may have wanted but didn't get!
  • Subscribers are able to exchange items with ones of similar value on our website!

We Carry Products From Highly Valued Brands:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Damian Rogers

I love that the boxes give us new toys to try during sex

Adalyn Cook

Girl let me tell you, this will keep your relationship happy and healthy

Gabriella Reed

Great value, some of the toys I got are from very reputable brands such as Tracy's Dog and some Cupid's Secrets branded toys as well

Julian Brooks

Easy to use all the toys and lots of fun for us

Isla Russell

I love getting my box every month!!

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¥9,600Save ¥160,000
Solo Female Subscription Box
As low as $48.60 for your first month!

¥9,600Save ¥160,000
Sole Male Subscription Box
As low as $48.60 for your first month!

¥9,600Save ¥160,000
Heterosexual Couple Subscription Box
As low as $48.60 for your first month!

¥9,600Save ¥160,000
Gay Couple Subscription Box
As low as $48.60 for your first month!

¥9,600Save ¥160,000
Lesbian Couple Subscription Box
As low as $48.60 for your first month!

¥9,600Save ¥160,000
Female Lingerie Subscription Box
As low as $48.60 for your first month!

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What kind of sex toys will I get? 

You will get the subscription box that you choose from our categories, and you will only get quality sex toys that you marked as interested on questionnaire. If no questionnaire is complete, you will get random sex toys based on the box you chose. 
What if I don’t like one of the sex toys or lingerie I got?
We always hope that our subscribers LOVE their box. If you don't for any reason, send us a message and as part of our happiness guarantee, we'll send you one free replacement toy per box. We're confident you'll love the sex toys or lingerie in your sock subscription box, but if you don't, let us know and we'll include a replacement in your next shipment, free of charge. We just want to make you happy.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship to these countries: United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. 
How do I cancel or skip my subscription?
Canceling is easy! You can send us an email at or let us know with the chat button below. If you would like to skip a month you can also let us know using the same methods. 
What payment method do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Amazon Pay (U.S. Only).
Will I get new toys every time my box arrives?
with Cupid's Secrets, our system meticulously keeps track of past shipments, ensuring subscribers receive fresh surprises every time, whether it's a box of new adult toys or lingerie, creating an ever-evolving experience of romance and exploration.
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