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10Pcs Small Size Ultra Thin Latex Condom Men Products Tight Condoms 45mm Spike

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The TPE material is strong yet flexible.

These Elite Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms are designed for ultimate sensitivity and pleasure. Each package contains ultra-thin and soft condoms that are electronically tested for reliability These condoms provide a natural feel and tailored fit to ensure maximum pleasure. It's ultra-thin design also promises no interruptions to the moment. Each package contains ultra-thin and soft condoms that are electronically tested for reliability. These Elite condoms are reliable and designed for maximum sensitivity, allowing for a more natural experience for both partners. The lubricant coating provides maximum comfort and sensation. Ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with this must-have addition to your bedroom.

The TPE material is strong yet flexible.

The Thorns create a tingling sensation that can not be matched by any other standard condoms. The spikes rub up on the the vaginal, oral, or anal walls to create a different vibrations and feelings. Each condom is unique due to the different thorn placements. Try them all and tell us which ones you loved the most. Give your partner the safe, yet intense sex session they desire with the Transparent Crystal Thorn Ring Condom. Product comes with 5 uniquely shaped condoms.

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This package of Elite Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms contains reliably tested and ultra-thin, ultra-soft condoms that are designed for maximum sensitivity and pleasure. Their tailored fit, natural feel, and ultra-thin design make for seamless, interruption-free moments. The lubricant coating adds comfort and sensation to each experience, providing a safe and pleasurable encounter for both partners.

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