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Adjustable Sex Position Chair

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  • Strain Free Sex: Take the strain away from your thighs and enjoy weightless sex as you bounce up and down on your partner with ease.

  • Weight Limit: Our Adjustable Sex position Chair is made to withstand rough play, and can hold up to 300 lbs. The heavy duty tubular steel frame allows you to try out all of your favorite sex positions without the strain.

  • Flexible: You can enjoy effortless interest in any position. Conforms to the body for comfort and back support

  • Novelty: Share intimate moments in ways that have not been experienced. Provides a natural swaying motion


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Do you get tired easily when on top?

Change all of that with the Adjustable Sex Position chair. This chair is flexible, collapsible, easy to clean, and made from high-strength TPU giving you the outmost comfort with all positions and saving your strength so you can go longer and harder than ever before. 

Do you get tired easily when on top?

The seat is flexible, collapsible, easy to clean, and made from high-strength TPU. The opening in the seat's center and the handle bars allow you to get closer and go deeper than ever before.

Get ready to have your mind blown away all over again in a even shorter amount of time!!

Give Your Chair an Upgrade!

Upgrade your chair with an additional Sex Position Pillow, adjustable bondage straps, Toy Holder, or dildo to make all your fantasy dreams come true. Purchase your favorite toy from Cupid's Secrets and go to town as you feel never ending pleasures. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Mind blown
This thing is great!

Haven't explored all the positions with this thing yet but the riding and reverse cowgirl positions are life changing!..

Brigitte Ades

Adjustable Sex Position Chair

Larry B Lewis

Adjustable Sex Position Chair

Ashai Lee
Got as a suprise gift...

Fun fun fun she love this

Metta Caruso
Best couple toy out there

This is surprisingly sturdy and while it may not be perfect for everyone it does what it is intended to do. Two tips ... 1) use the video for strap assembly not instructions .. put the straps on the upper tubes and then attach lower tubes so you can use the tube to stretch the straps .. much easier. 2) the bottom tubes have 3 holes for lower plate attachment .. the holes are closer to one end on the tube make sure you have both lined up the same when attaching to upper tubes or the lower plate will not be able to be attached. It will definitely hold 200lbs easily and for that position the one on bottom will need a pillow for their head possibly. The lower plate holds suction toys very well and has a velcro holder that goes over the suction base with two tiny straps to hold it snug then it velcros snugly around the plate. Exceeded our expectations ... we figured it would be wasted money but it did perform well and support well and yes it came discreet.