Adult Mini Massager

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  • Ultimate Power: The powerful motor provides deep sensations and rumbling Powerful vibrations that are concentrated in the flexible head. Choose between 28 functions or varying speeds, pulsations, and vibrating patterns that will deliver toe-curling pleasure. Press and hold the function button to reach the mind-blowing full-speed setting.
  • Body-Safe Material:  Made with the highest-grade silicone material that is tested and 100% safe to use on your most delicate areas.
  • Travel Friendly: The travel-lock function allows you to bring this toy with you anywhere and not have to worry about its vibrations going off at the airport or in your luggage.
  • Body Massager: Perfect for relieving sore muscle aches all over the body, this vibrator will be your best friend after gym workouts or when you just need a good massage in your private areas. 
  • USB Rechargeable: The rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy cordless fun on the go!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hilda Patton
Such a great littile vibrator

What was I thinking when I got this massager? I'll tell you what, I did not expect this little thing that fits in the palm of my hand to have such a strong power to it. Even more surprising, what I did not know for the longest time since I got it was that there are variable speeds that can be changed, by simply tapping the power button to go to the next speed or pattern. Speed and patterns ranging from super quick pulses like a mini rapid firing pistol on steroids to slow longer pulses to carry out to "careless whisper" or whatever is to your imagination. Either way this little thing has strong vibrations throughout any setting. Anyway yea, up to 10 different speed and pattern vibration pulses. Easy to clean silicone, probably best not to actually dunk the whole thing in water if you're cleaning it. It has a teeny tiny needle point hole that you insert the charger thru to power up that massager for the next action it gets put thru.

Tommy Miller
So convenient

Convenient size makes it easy to throw in your to go bag. Long lasting battery life and charging cord port is sealed for water use but wouldn't trust submerging the product. Includes an attachment but can be a little difficult to get off once on. Material is super soft and the different settings add to the pleasure.

Rosalie Thornton
Love my massager

Very easy to hold and use. My arthritic fingers find the push button a challenge but not impossible. The different speeds and pulsations worked wonders on my stiff neck.

Chester Smith
The Mini wand massager is...

This Mini Wand Massager is such a cute little toy. It charges with a USB block, and it has a variety of patterns to enjoy. I've never had one of these before, so I cannot compare. I finally chose to get one due to its quiet and discreet usage. I like the added silicone adapter, too. It's a nice bonus. Nobody should feel uncomfortable ordering one of these. I went with a friend to get her first one almost thirty years ago. I should not have waited this long for mine! Excellent product!!

Harvey Cox
Mini but Powerful

Can go from soft and gentle vibrations to making her climb the wall and yell at the neighbors quickly. Give it a shot, she won't be disappointed.