Rabbit Tail Butt Plug

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Have you ever wished that you possessed the amazing sex drive of a rabbit?

Well, there's always something you can do to channel their legendary sexual urges.

Dressing up like a rabbit with the help of our Rabbit Tail Butt Plug, conditions your mind and signifies your transformation into the ultimate sex machine.


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Customer Reviews

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Don Hughes

Came in tackt but I wouldn't pull on the tail. I feel it will rip if I did that. Be careful

Tracy Underwood
love it

WOW! This thing has some weight to it! The tail is incredibly fluffy and not small like some at the toy stores around here. She loves it! If you're wanting to get one of these, get this one!

Michelle Potter
Great buy

I'd post a pic but ..... Feels wonderful and the tail adds just enough tease when the end shows under a short skirt or dress and the plug gets you ready for what's to come!

Annette Fields
she loved it

Man this lil tail was soooooo pretty and comfortable. Now the issue is wearing it and walking with it in. It has a tendency to want to shoot out with the smooth texture. Especially if you use a lubricant to put it in. Now I’ve found wetting it with water, then inserted it, helps it stay in for long period of time without worry of it coming out.

Bernice Oliver
Shipping was discreet

This is a great fox tail makes for great animal role play the only complaint I have is the plug is too large and I should've gone with the steel plug as I can handle a steel toy better in the rear