7 inch Penis Pump

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7 inch Penis Pump

Description: Cylinder allows for up to 7 inches of insertable length, 2.35 inches in diameter. Silicone opening is .75 inches in diameter when not streched. Hose size is 8.5 inches in length. Comes with with 3 diameter sizes. 

Material: The 7 Inch Penis Pump Is made of ABS, silicone, and PVC material. 

Use: Great for men with erectile dysfunction. Helps circulate blood into the penis. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Rosalie Thornton

    It had extremely strong suction! This is the first one I ever used but it seems to work great. My wife was away for a while and we wanted something to change things up and be different!! It was fun! Highly recommended

    Gerald Nash
    This was great foe what I needed

    My first ever and I can see and feel the difference! I can stay hard for my girl and she loves it too! I also get more horny as well.

    Michelle Potter

    Works great and the gf really enjoys it after a 20-30 minute pump session. Stays that way for a while too. Massive

    Harvey Cox
    love it

    This is a cool little fun toy to play around with. It works as described for sure but if you fill the length of the tube, there is not much to pull up rather more girth. But from a flaccid state, it will get you right where you want to be.

    Delia Higgins
    Good for the price

    Bought this kinda of as a joke but we ended up actually really liking it, I didn’t think these actually worked but it actually does, I don’t know if the results are permanent but it does make you bigger after you use it