Rounded Butt Plug

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Rounded Butt Plug

✅Features: It is always great to celebrate the good things in life. When you are in a celebratory spirit and want to share this with your lover, our Stainless Steel Butt Plug can be a perfect tool to help you. These butt plugs can open up the anal sphincters to make way for great anal sex. 

Set Includes: 4 unique butt plugs all varying in sizes. Wether you're a beginner or an expert there is a size for you. 

Material: Medical grade silicone 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Johnnie Lynch
Good for the price

Unexpectedly, one of the best toys I own. It may not be the finisher for me in most cases, but it definitely helps loosen things up and feels amazing even if used alone. Surprisingly gentle, and very pleasurable. Highly recommend for anyone interested in butt stuff!

Matt Bowman
love it

This thing is awesome! I achieved my first ever prostate O with these tools.

Clinton Nelson
shipped fast

Works like nothing else for a g spot orgasm, especially when warmed with hot water and paired with a vibrator. HOLY TOLEDO, BATMAN.
Will definitely work with men, too! Your prostate will thank you.

Darrell Guzman
its good

My husband and I have been trying to achieve squirt for a few months now with no luck. We've tried together and I've tried solo, toys and gspot vibes, all with no luck. I was ready to accept that I couldnt unlock the secret. I saw this type of toy in a squirting video and decided to try one last thing. I received this in the mail yesterday. It is heavy but sleek and warms with your body temperature. It slides right into your sweet spots and gives your arm a break thanks to its curve. After about 30 minutes of self exploration the sheets were soaked. I gave my husband a show when he got home from work and the sheets got soaked again. Highly recommend this thing, 5/5 stars.

Gerald Nash
Good price

After years of trying I have finally obtained the elusive hands free prostate orgasm. If you just now getting into this stuff it will still take a lot of time to really get the hang of it but it is worth every cent and time vested. 1000000/10.